Kickstarter: The Best Bedding Source?


After Rich Fulop had an amazing night's sleep in a luxury hotel, he had to inquire about purchasing a set of the sheets to take home. Much to his dismay, he was hit with a price tag of over $800. It gave him, and business partner David Fortune, the idea to delve into the bedding business and figure out how to get high-quality bedding to customers at an affordable price point. In their research, they discovered the actual material and production cost of bedding is a small fraction of what you pay for it at a store. This is due to an old distribution system that rakes up costs from store fronts, distribution, and licensing fees for designers.


With Brooklinen, Fulop and Fortune have cut out the middle man by providing bedding from the same manufacturers as its costly competition straight to the consumer. By making a $100 donation to Brooklinen's Kickstarter campaign you'll receive a complete set of sheets, and -- for just $50 more -- a duvet and shams. The sheets do indeed feel like those at a luxury hotel: cool and crisp. The campaign ends on May 21, when full production to fulfill all orders will begin, and their full e-commerce site will launch this summer. Although it may seem strange to order your bedding from a Kickstarter campaign, it just may be the beginning of a very special relationship and a blissful night's sleep.


Purchase your first set of Brooklinen bedding on Kickstarter.