Brooklinen Launched A Curated Marketplace, and It Has Everything You Need to Decorate Your Bedroom


Brooklinen Spaces

Brooklinen, the direct-to-consumer luxury bedding brand is now making it incredibly easy to design your entire space, not just your bed. They just launched their first ever marketplace, Spaces by Brooklinen, which offers a highly curated assortment of home goods from like-minded partner brands. These include some of our favorites, like Simply Framed, The Sill, Floyd, Dims., Inside Weather, Bombabird Ceramics, and more. Each product is heavily researched and thoroughly vetted to be functional, high quality, and simply stylish. 

“Design is ever-evolving and exciting, but it can also get overwhelming. Our customers are coming to us for styling inspiration and products beyond bedding and bath needs, so with Spaces by Brooklinen, we’re finally able to expand on our promise and provide a wide range of our favorite pieces for their moments of leisure,” explains Vicki Fulop, CCO and co-founder of Brooklinen. “And with our dedication to simplicity and ease when it comes to shopping, we’ve sifted through all of our design moods to edit, edit, edit until we could bring three of our favorite aesthetics to life.” 

And with our dedication to simplicity and ease when it comes to shopping, we’ve sifted through all of our design moods to edit, edit, edit until we could bring three of our favorite aesthetics to life.

The first aesthetic, Relaxed Industrial, was “inspired by the exposed brick and concrete found in Brooklyn lofts, industrial and metal accents, clean lines and black and white graphic elements are balanced with pops of color.”

The next, called Earthy Minimalist, was "influenced by Scandinavian design and cool beachy interiors—natural, organic materials in clean, modern shapes create a tailored but cozy look.”

And finally there's Modern Glam, which is a style “where luxurious textures in rich hues are balanced by modern lines. Brass, polished metal and marble accents balance out the softer, more feminine elements.”

Each of the three is shoppable by room collection and by product category. Ready to get started? These are our favorite picks from the new Spaces by Brooklinen collection:

Earthy Minimalist:

platform bed
Floyd Platform Bed with Headboard $895+

Brooklinen chose this sleek but simple platform bed from Floyd, which features a removable headboard, as one of their pivotal pieces. Its clean lines mean it will work with nearly any aesthetic—from mid-century modern to rustic chic to totally glam. 

wall art
Simply Framed Exit by Madelon Verdoorn $196+

This gorgeous desert print is available in a variety of sizes, and definitely makes for a great eye-catching conversation piece. 

wall sconce
Color Cord Company Plug-In Solo Sconce $190

No electrical wiring needed for this plug-in sconce, perfect for adding some lighting next to your bed. 

Modern Glam:

side table
Inside Weather Elle Side Table $143

This marble and wood side table looks luxurious, but actually costs much less than the majority of side tables on the market.

gold clock
Newgate Hotel Clock $39

This Roman numeral brass accented alarm clock will add some old Hollywood glamour to your space.

potted plant
The Sill Bird Nest Fern in Small Hyde Planter $43

This pet-friendly plant adds a little greenery to any space. It comes potted in your choice of three colors—but we are all for the blush pink. 

Relaxed Industrial:

arm chair
Inside Weather Kobe Armchair $178

This easy-to-assemble chair is the perfect mix of comfort and industrial form.

gray blanket
Pendleton Heritage Blanket $269

This gorgeously patterned wool blanket from Pendelton will warm up your industrial space, while adding some texture and pizzaz. 

red alarm clock
Newgate Charlie Bell Echo Clock $29

Don’t forget about color! While most of us think of an industrial space being filled with nothing but neutrals, a small flash of color can go a long way. We love this old school alarm clock, available in bright red and yellow.

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