A Mid-1800s Home Gets a Major Modern Makeover

The hunt for the right place to call home can be laborious and tiring, but when you do eventually stumble on your dream house, you forget about the pain. One step inside and you just know. This is how architect Brendan Coburn's clients felt when they found this Greek Revival row house in Brooklyn Heights. Built in the mid-1800s, it was an architectural masterpiece, but the interior had to be completely rebuilt.

After gutting it, Coburn crafted a seriously elegant home with iconic furniture, designer lighting, and luxurious fabrics. The living room is the epitome of sophistication, but the marble bathtub with built-in home library (or as Coburn calls it the "think tank") is unlike anything we've ever seen before. "The husband takes books and a paper in there and just lets his ideas flow," he told NYC&G. Sounds like a dream come true.