Inside a Designer's Dreamy 100-Year-Old Brooklyn Townhouse 

When you first step inside a century-old home, there's something in the energy of that place that either turns you away (and creeps you out) or mysteriously lures you in. It was definitely the latter for homeowner and interior designer Alison Jennison, who told Lonny she "fell in love the minute I walked inside." If you viewed upon this circa-1890 building before its modern makeover, we're pretty sure you wouldn't feel the same way (think hospital-green walls and drop ceilings), but Jennison could see its potential from the get-go.

Jennison successfully breathed new life into this historic Brooklyn home by blending the Colonial and contemporary styles with ease. "I wanted to feel the history in the space," she said. "I wanted to pull back the walls and see what was there." And we're so glad she did.