This Australian Furniture Store Is the Reformation of Homewares

Updated 12/19/17
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Brosa Furniture Australia

When investing in a piece of furniture, parting with your hard-earned cash can be hard. A dilemma which has to allowed giant retailers like IKEA and Kmart to rise to superstar status, with their affordable prices and trending designs giving us the furniture pieces we need to create homes like the ones we obsess over on Pinterest. But it could be time to welcome another furniture disruptor to the party, because we’re predicting local start-up, Brosa, is about to be the next cult brand Australians will be lusting over.

The best bit? The pieces look high-end but boast an affordable price tag.

Why do we think it's about to soar? Simple, the brand follows a similar model to that of one of our favourite clothing brands, Reformation. The It-girl clothing brand uses a simple method of distribution, and is mostly famed for using a sustainable manufacturing by making a limited amount of options and a tight turnover to ensure there is little wastage. Something Brosa is working on too.  

After struggling with their own furnishing woes, founders Ivan Lim and Richard Li wanted to create sleek and modern furniture that didn’t cost a premium. Their solution? Selling furniture directly to customers (and getting rid of the middleman), while also using data to inform design choices (meaning less design faux pas). By updating and tweaking their product regularly, they sell everything quickly, meaning there aren’t many items left sitting dusty in their warehouse.

Keep scrolling for some of our favourite items below, and shop the ones you love. 

Brosa Florence Velvet Chesterfield 3 Seater Sofa $1699
Brosa Elementary Cushion Blush Pink $49
Brosa Sargent Leather Armchair $1699
Brosa Elizabeth Sideboard $759
Brosa Lewes Desk $799
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