Yes, You Should Sleep in a Bubble in Iceland and Watch the Northern Lights

Updated 08/04/17
The 5 Million Star Hotel

If the world-famous Blue Lagoon wasn't enough to lure you to Iceland, the 5 Million Star Hotel probably is. Nestled in a private forest about an hour outside of Reykjavik, the hotel consists of five separate bubbles made out of a sturdy, translucent plastic. They were designed so guests could see the famous northern lights in the wintertime and simply live among nature in the summer.

"It actually all started while I was helping travelers some two to three years ago, designing their northern lights trips here in Iceland," founder Robert Robertsson told Thrillist. "One evening I got a call from one of my customers who was participating in one of the traditional northern lights tours. The customers asked me on the phone, with a somewhat freezing voice, 'Robert, Robert this is so crazy. I'm freezing to death here. Don't you know of some hotel around here where I can just lay in my warm bed and have a glass roof so I can watch the northern lights?'"

And with that, the bubble hotel rooms were born. Each suite is kept inflated by the overpressure from the noiseless ventilation systems, which recycle the air two to seven times per house to prevent humidity and stuffiness. Obviously, the rooms also include a thermostat, double beds, linens, towels, and a lantern. A shed is located nearby, which includes a bathroom and kitchen.

Would you spend the night in one of these hotel bubbles? Share your thoughts below, and book a bubble here.

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