These Destinations Aren't on Your Bucket List—but They Should Be

From climbing the Eiffel Tower to walking the rim of the Grand Canyon, there are some iconic destinations that seem to appear on everyone's bucket list. Don't get us wrong; some capital cities and famous landmarks rank high for a reason (these hot spots live up to the hype), but seasoned travelers know that the most memorable travel experiences usually happen away from the crowds.

Here, we've gone in search of the best destinations in the world that you won't find on an airport postcard. Nestled in rural China, inland Morocco, and the depths of the Bulgarian countryside, these stunning locales aren't the usual tourist fodder. Decide how much time you can set aside (you'll need more than a few days to see Myanmar and Thailand) and choose your own adventure. From sunbathing on a sandspit in Koh Nang Yuan to getting lost in the winding blue alleyways of Chefchaouen, there's something in this list for every type of traveler.

Pack good walking shoes, a camera, and let us be your guide—these gorgeous travel destinations should be seen in your lifetime.