"I Spend Most of the Year Traveling—These Are the Spots I Recommend to Friends"

For most people, taking a vacation is something we can occasionally splurge on, but for Pauline Egge, founder of design and travel website Petite Passport, travel is a year-round fixture. If you love interior design and aren't familiar with Egge's site, it's time to get acquainted. "I just love hot spots. Not the ones you will find in every guidebook, but the special ones," she says. "Shame on me, but I don't go to a restaurant because the food is superb (well, that's a nice extra) but because of the interiors. I like to sit on a Hay J77 chair or eat under a PSLab light bulb."

Egg spends the majority of the year jetting around the world unearthing cool restaurants and hotels with exceptional design. Yes, as far as dream jobs go, hers is certainly up there. "I've counted the different hotels I've stayed in this year, and I came up with 32. We're now in week 32, so a new hotel every week," she tells MyDomaine. Given her travel and design knowledge, we were curious to know what she recommends to friends. Keep scrolling to see what she had to say.

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