8 Designer-Approved Tricks That Look Expensive But Aren't

At MyDomaine, we believe in making aspirational décor achievable, and we know that our elevated taste doesn't always match up with our limited budgets. For instance, while we are dying to own a Philip Arctander Clam Chair (originals routinely sell for upward of $17,000—or what others would consider a healthy down payment), we know where to find a perfectly suitable budget alternative. We know all too well that some of our favorite interior designers' designs are like works of art we could only hope to see in museums, but we're not afraid of picking up paintbrushes and creating our own masterpiece—literally.

So how do you achieve a champagne look on a box-wine budget? It all starts with being observational and identifying which aspects of a design make it look so luxe. From strategically placed rugs to clever accessorizing, we illustrated eight ways to fake a high-end look. Time to get crafty—your very own high-end interior awaits.