This Is How You Decorate a High-End Home Without Going Broke


Courtesy of Studio Ashby

We all have delusions of grandeur when it comes to decorating our homes. Of course, we would love a Manhattan duplex à la Nate Berkus, with 18th-century antiques mixed with carefully selected modern collectibles and a sprawling dressing room. In reality, we're decorating our rental studio on a budget that no self-respecting decorator would get out of bed for. But what we do have is one trick that never fails us, season after season, as we slowly build our homes to reflect our current tastes and our latest trend crushes, and we borrowed it from fashion stylists.

Just like a good wardrobe, a home should never be decorated with a one and done approach. We truly believe that a good design is never finished—and the best homes are decorated over time. So just as you would set a budget for your fall wardrobe, we recommend setting a budget seasonally that will go toward refreshing your home. Most importantly, there is one foolproof rule we follow without fail: the 80/20 rule. Once you set a budget every season, 80% of it should go toward timeless, long-lasting pieces that will fill gaps in your home, while the remaining 20% should be spent on fun, trendy pieces that will make your home feel fresh and new. This way, whether you have a $500 or $5000 budget, you know that you are making smart purchases but still refreshing for the season. Ready to take your home to a whole new level? This is how we would decorate on a $5000 budget.