9 Cheap Tabletop Tips That'll Make Your Dining Room Look Expensive

Keeping up with the Joneses in the dinner-party department can be a daunting—and pricey—task. In an ideal world, you would dazzle your guests with a signature cocktail, extravagant caviar displays, over-the-top centerpieces (with fresh flowers, natch), and fine silverware, harking back to the lavish dinner parties of yesteryear. In reality, you’re scouring the sales rack for tabletop deals and secretly hoping that every guest brings a good bottle of wine so that you don't run out of libations. But, here's the secret to achieving that killer champagne-level dinner party on a beer budget: It's in the presentation, not the price tag.

Keep scrolling for our top tips for pulling off a Pinterest-worthy tabletop without putting a major dent in your bank account. The Joneses won't know what hit 'em.