One Entryway, Three Prices: How to Decorate for Any Budget

No one shops for furniture the exact same way. While some people are sticklers for original designs and premium quality, others prioritize price tag and immediacy. For some, spending $5000 on a sofa is entirely acceptable—for others, that sounds reckless. Our favorite approach: swaying on both sides of the scale to achieve a high/low mix that may seem exclusively high-end at first glance (but secretly includes a few lucky Target finds). 

Wondering where you fall on the high- to low-end scale? We decided to test your design acumen by re-creating the same entryway look with three very different price tags—$7000, $3000, and $600—proving that you actually can score a bargain on just about anything. The question to ask yourself is: which pieces do you love the most; and which ones are worth your hard-earned dollars? Pick the entryway that suits your taste (and your budget) the best. Even better—play choose your own adventure, and add up the total price tag. How much would your entryway cost?