20 Budget Nursery Decorating Tips All New Parents Need To Know

black and white nursery


It's very easy to get wrapped up in the idea that you have to spend a fortune on décor and furniture to end up with a beautiful nursery—but let’s not forget that this room will likely be redecorated after two or three years. So while you want to achieve the snug, heavenly nursery look that makes everyone ooh and aah, there are a few tricks to keep in mind to keep your budget in check. Ahead, we’ve pulled together some of the best budget nursery decorating tips—accompanied by some of the most awe-worthy nurseries that lead by example—so you can smartly shop your way to a gorgeous room for your little one, all while staying within your budget. Keep scrolling for our favorite money-saving tips for nursery décor.

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Be Minimal With Your Crib Bedding

funky indie nursery room

Design: Amber Interiors; Photo: Tessa Neustadt

It might be tempting to decorate your baby’s crib with a cloud-like array of pillows and plush toys, but you only need one of each. Stick to pretty patterned bedding and minimal styling to decorate on a budget.

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Don’t Splurge on a Crib

all-white nursery

Almost Makes Perfect

Designer cribs are a thing, and they will cost you. Luckily, there are tons of well-designed, affordable options out there. Before you go shedding thousands on a crib, shop around for budget alternatives, and look for three-in-one convertible options that will transform into a toddler bed when the time comes.

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Be Smart With Art

arrow wallpaper nursery with wooden crib annd purple rug
Courtesy of Ashe + Leandro

The cuteness factor is always a winner in nursery décor, and no one beats The Animal Print Shop in that department. Are the larger prints a little out of budget? Opt for an assortment of four smaller prints. You’ll get four times the charm at a fraction of the cost.

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IKEA-Hack Your Way to Beautiful Storage

Nursery with indie animal wallpaper and woven organization baskets
Sarah Sherman Samuels

Not a lot of storage space? No problem. All you need are a few IKEA shelves and some attractive baskets, and you’ve got yourself a makeshift storage option that tucks away toys and clothes, while allowing books to be on display.

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Make Use of Versatile Seating

white nursery with daybed

Design: Christine Dovey; Photo: Tessa Neustadt

You might want to add seating in your nursery, like a sofa where guests can come and swoon over your newborn baby. We suggest a daybed that can be converted into a child’s bed so you can repurpose it when your toddler has outgrown the crib.

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Use an Existing Dresser as a Changing Table

pink bunny wallpaper and changing table with drawers
Emily Henderson

If you have an unused dresser lying around, use it as a double-duty changing station. You can also scour vintage stores or Etsy for budget alternatives. The dresser above was purchased at MintHome, an Etsy shop that specializes in refurbished vintage furniture. It was outfitted with a removable changing tray and pad.

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Add Color With Paint

black and white striped nursery


Sometimes all you need to make a statement in a room is to add a bold geometric design. You can also opt for something a bit more subtle and paint the window and door trims in a bright contrasting color. It's a great way to decorate a nursery on a budget.

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Buy Vintage

dark-colored jewel tone nursery with rocking chair and patterned rug
Joe Schmelzer via The Animal Print Shop

Visit your local antique and vintage stores or turn to eBay or Etsy to find vintage items, especially when it comes to pieces that you might not use once your baby is grown. A rocking chair is a perfect example.

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Make a Statement With Pillows

black and white minimal scandinavian nursery
Nicole Franzen

You don't have to go wild with décor, you just need to make sure a couple of things in the room stand out. A few patterned or colored throw pillows are a low-cost way to give the room personality, and up the cozy vibes.

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Go Minimalist

white nursery with animal art over wooden crib
Courtesy of The Animal Print Shop

Minimalism is just as chic in a nursery as it is in every other room in your house. Keep bed linens neutral, opt for two to four framed pieces of art, and find a piece of statement lighting. The result is simple, but stunning.

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Wallpaper It Up

nursery with crib and forest etching wallpaper
Courtesy of Emily Henderson

Wallpaper is an easy way to make your nursery absolutely adorable, without needing a lot of extra décor (which equals less money spent!). If you choose a removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper, it'll be easy to redecorate the room when your child is older and has tastes of their own.

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Incorporate Your Home's Décor

modern nursery with plant and fluffy rug
Courtesy of Fisher-Price

Your nursery should feel cohesive with the rest of your home, so you don't have to come up with a totally new style scheme. If you have pieces of décor or furniture in other rooms that you aren't using or don't need, feel free to bring those into the nursery. It'll save you money and help your house flow together.

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Add a Plant

nursery with natural light and cream color
Amy Bartlam

When in doubt, add a plant. It's a low-cost, high-reward styling hack. It adds a calming, homey feel to the nursery, and when the room is no longer a nursery, you can use the plant elsewhere in your home.

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You Don't Need a Room

nursery with crib and cacti wallpaper
Courtesy of Stefani Stein

Shocking, but true—your nursery doesn't need to be an actual room. If you live in a small apartment, or don't have an extra bedroom, don't stress. An alcove or spacious closet can become a budget-friendly nursery with a crib, some wallpaper, and a few toys.

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Keep Everything Neutral

nursery with rocking chair and floating wall shelves
Amy Bartlam

Your nursery is only a nursery for so long, so don't spend a ton of money going all out with pink or blue décor items. Decorating in neutrals ensures that the room can transition as your child grows up—or if you move your child into another room and turn the nursery into an office or den, the neutral décor means you won't have to start all over buying things from scratch.

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Utilize Built-Ins

nursery with built-in wall shelves
Courtesy of The Animal Print Shop

If you're trying to keep cost down, built-ins are your new best friend. You don't need to spend money on a bookshelf, toy chest, or storage space—make your built-ins work for you, using them to house toys, extra diapers, and linens.

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Borrow a Chair

nursery with grey chair and ottoman
Courtesy of Rebecca Judd Loves

You're going to want a comfortable chair in your nursery for breast-feeding and watching your little one, but that doesn't mean you have to buy a new one. Take a chair from your living room or master bedroom that you won't miss too much and use it in your nursery. It's used for such a short period of time that investing in a new one isn't necessary if you're trying to cut costs.

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Use Natural Materials

nursery with natural material organization

MyDomaine / Chris Patey

Burlap baskets, rattan bins, wicker trays—natural materials not only keep cost down, but they also look seriously chic. We love these numbered burlap bins that help turn this basic organizer into an adorable, farmhouse-style piece.

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Go Easy on the Toys

white nursery room

Design: Anne Sage; Photo: Monica Wang

As much as you're going to want to fill the room with every adorable toy under the sun, babies just aren't going to appreciate them the way you will. Save the money (trust us—you'll need the toy budget when they're a year or two older) and stick to a couple cute stuffed animals you love, rather than a whole menagerie.

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Don't Be Afraid to DIY

nursery with brick wall and fringe garland
Alyssa Rosenheck

Who says everything has to be store-bought? DIY your wall décor, like with this fun paper garland. It'll save money, and give your nursery a homemade touch.

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