5 Industry Insiders Reveal the Travel Secrets the Average Passenger Doesn't Know

Updated 07/27/17

Summer is slowly but surely coming to a close, which means we have last-minute travel plans on the brain. Wanderlust aside, air travel can be a financially and physically taxing experience, especially when flying internationally or catching a connecting flight. Rather than abandoning your plans altogether, we combed through a Reddit travel feed in search of the time- and money-saving hacks that actually work. Below, read up on the tried-and-true travel secrets straight from airport workers and frequent flyers (that passengers aren't typically aware of).

Wait outside for a luggage cart. "Avoid paying $4 for a luggage cart in baggage claim by going outside to the pickup area. There are usually a few outside at the curb that people abandon when they get picked up." — Reddit user Inthe713

Call the airline directly to skip lines. "If your flight is cancelled or overbooked, don't join the long line of people harassing the gate attendant. Call the airline's 800 number, and the operator can do just about anything the gate agent can. I have walked by more than 100 people waiting in line after calling the airline instead." — Reddit user 2OQuestions

Bring an empty water bottle. "Bring an empty water bottle (Nalgene type or simple plastic) into the airport. Fill it up at a water fountain once you are past security. Now you don't have to pay $3 for water." — Reddit user ndrew452

Swipe any card with a magnetic strip for free movies. "I know a flight attendant, and he changed my life with this tip: If you have a flight with the TV screens on the seats, you can swipe pretty much any card with a magnetic strip (e.g., AAA card or empty Burger King gift card), and you'll get to watch free movies and TV for your entire flight." — Reddit user CapnFran

Do your research for optimal comfort. "I'm a private pilot. Seat Guru is your friend. It has a map of the plane you will fly on, listing the best seats to sit in. It also shows the amenities on the flight." — Reddit user gigabyte898

Head over to Reddit to check out all 2000 responses, and share your own travel hacks below.

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