Eucalyptus Sheets Are Your Bed's New Must-Have Item

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Move over cotton and bamboo, you’ve got some stiff (but so very soft) competition. Buffy, the brand best known for its extra comfy comforters, recently released a new product over a year in the making. We’re pretty sure these 100% eucalyptus sheets were worth the wait. Koala-approved, the fabric is sourced in Austria (not Australia). Sustainable as it is chic, the eucalyptus fabric used to make these luxurious sheets requires substantially less energy, water, and toxic chemicals to produce than cotton, and also has a smaller carbon footprint. For this launch, Buffy also told bleach to be gone—forgoing synthetic dyes for plant-based color sources. So, if you’ve been searching for as-green-as-it-gets, non-toxic sheets, this is pretty much your best bet.

“As the latest product to join Buffy’s lineup, our naturally-dyed Eucalyptus Sheets reaffirm our campaign to encourage more thoughtful and democratic innovation,” says Buffy founder Leo Wang. “We strive to support a new generation of consumers that consciously choose to surround themselves with safe, earth-friendly materials.” 

White sheet set
Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set, White $169+

In addition to being sustainable, this moisture-wicking fabric is a dream for hot sleepers. The breathability of eucalyptus allows the body to better self-regulate, which is something we can all appreciate during the hot days of summer.

Buffy first came on to the bedding scene in 2017 with their original Cloud comforter. While most down alternatives feel lumpy and bumpy (so nothing like down, really), this one lives up to its name. The comforter has a soft eucalyptus outer layer that's filled with a fiber made from recycled bottles.

Buffy’s second comforter, the Breeze, has a eucalyptus outer layer and inner fill. Just as soft and environmentally friendly as the Cloud, the Breeze was engineered for people who tend to sleep on the warmer side.

While all of these products sound like a dream, they actually live up to the hype. As of early 2021, the Cloud has over 21,000 5-star reviews for a total of 4.8 stars on Buffy’s website. It’s also highly rated on Amazon. The Breeze is equally coveted.

After comforters, sheets were naturally (no pun intended) the next step for Buffy. While sustainable sheets are nothing new, these are the first sustainable and naturally dyed sheets available for the mass market. Most brands of naturally dyed sheets are manufactured in small, artisanal batches.

grey sheet set
Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set, Dark Gray $169+

Buffy's sheets come bundled in a set which includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, and two pillowcases. The price ranges from $169 for a Twin set to $229 for a California King. The duvet cover is currently sold separately, starting at $99 for a Twin size set and $149 for a King/California King.

While these sheets aren’t exactly inexpensive, they are reasonably priced considering their environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Most other sheets are dyed in a way that’s down and dirty, to say the very least. The process releases lots of toxic chemicals that are harmful to both the environment as a whole, as well as the staff working in the plants.

Buffy’s sheets are dyed ultrasonically, which, according to the brand, uses sound waves to penetrate the surface molecules of the fibers. This method is very energy-efficient and results in a richer color. Even more so, it creates a durable product without any chemicals, artificial binders, or toxic run-off water.

These sheets are also designed to be washed in cold water, which is another benefit for the environment (and your electric bill). While Buffy says they’re built to last a long time, when you’re ready for a new set, you can get rid of these almost entirely guilt-free because they’re compostable.

Four different colors made of 100% natural sources—many of which you know, love and have potentially snacked on—were part of the initial launch. The light gray and dark gray dyes come from pomegranate, eucalyptus, and tea. The blush pink sheets are made with turmeric, gardenia, and walnut. A bleach-free classic white is also available. Additional colors include blue and light blue.

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