How to Fill Large Blank Walls Without Spending Thousands


Courtesy of Chairish

Large blank walls can be tricky to fill on a small budget. Art is one of those fields where objects seem to get exponentially more expensive the larger they get. Gallery walls are no better—they can take months to put together if you're not an expert and are largely anxiety-inducing. This week, one company is setting out to change this. Chairish, which launched an artist collective late last year, quickly identified a twofold problem: Its art was selling so fast that it proved a real need in the market for affordable art, but on the flip side, its collection of artists could not supply enough art quickly enough to fill the demand.

Through this dilemma, an idea was born: a shop filled with original, exclusive prints from nine of its best-selling artists—each coming custom-framed in a variety of sizes and, in some cases, multiple colorways. Launched earlier this week, The Print Shop is an affordable art resource to fill large blank walls without spending thousands. Its prints start at $99 for the smallest sizes and go up to $875 for a set of four extra-large prints. Ready to say goodbye to the last remaining blank walls in your home? Here are some of our favorite prints.

Visit Chairish to see The Print Shop's full collection.