This Self-Care Trend Saw a 112% Jump in Pinterest Searches This Year

Bullet Journaling

As the summer comes to a close, Labor Day and the fall season ahead mark a time the reevaluate your routines and rituals. In fact, according to Pinterest's Back to Life Report for 2018, avid pinners are looking for ways to make small changes, get organized, and refresh their habits—so much so that searches for "self-care routines" is up 140% since last year. 

While Pinterest saw an uptick in searches for things like skincare, workouts, and morning and bedtime rituals, the most intriguing self-care search might be for bullet journaling. An organization and productivity ritual that's garnered a cult-like following among type A individuals with a knack for planning, bullet journaling saw a 112% spike in Pinterest searches this year.

For the uninitiated, this practice (affectionately called BuJo by dedicated users) is essentially an ultimate to-do list. One look at a page from a bullet journal and you'll be greeted with secret symbols, calendars, and shorthand writing. The journal is organized by an index where you can handwrite topics that you want to keep track of and indicate their correlating page numbers. It also calls for a future log, which acts as a calendar for you to fill with goals and significant events. Then there's the monthly log in which you'll create a calendar overview and a task list for the month. Lastly, a bullet journal calls for a daily log. This acts the same as your future and monthly logs, but think of it more on a granular level.

Within each of these logs, there are various bulleted symbols to keep you on track. For example, an "O" symbolizes an event, an"X" signals that a task has been completed, and an asterisk notes tasks of significant importance.

While some might be scared off by a seemingly complicated system, others find it incredibly helpful in terms of staying on track with goals and being productive on a daily and monthly schedule. Curious to try out the self-care trend? Learn more about the practice at the official Bullet Journal website and start writing today.

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