Give In to the Craze and Try These Bulletproof Coffee Recipes

While Bulletproof coffee isn't exactly new, the craze has become increasingly popular due to its supposed dietary benefits and its ability to fit into a keto diet. The caffeinated drink is a mixture of coffee, butter, and oil and is thought to increase energy and support weight loss by keeping drinkers satisfied for longer. Many credit Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey for bringing this concoction to the mainstream—you can now find it in coffee shops from Los Angeles to Chicago—but the idea of adding butter to coffee stems from Himalayan, Ethiopian, and Vietnamese traditions. The most common example is a Tibetan butter tea called po cha, which is made from fermented black tea and yak butter. It's thought to improve alertness and help people deal with high-altitude living.

Despite the fact that most people do not experience the high altitude of the Himalayas and that yak butter varies greatly from that produced by a dairy cow, butter coffee is still an intriguing fad. There's even quite a bit of evidence supporting the idea that grass-fed butter boasts many health benefits. It's also become a low carb, high-fat beverage option for people who follow a keto diet and don't want to drink black coffee. While the base ingredients are simply coffee, butter, and oil, some recipes call for ghee, collagen powder, and other flavorful variations. Curious if the drink lives up to the health hype? Try one of these Bulletproof coffee recipes and see for yourself.

Bulletproof Peppermint Mocha

Pinch of Yum

The Recipe: Peppermint Mocha

The Hero Ingredient: Peppermint extract and cocoa powder work together to give this strong drink a delicious flavour perfect for a cold winter morning. Combine these flavourful ingredients with strongly brewed coffee, milk, salt, and protein powder for a refreshing morning pick-me-up.

The Pro Tip: Lindsay from Pinch of Yum adds a collagen powder made from pasture-raised cows to support bone, joint, skin, and hair health.

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Bulletproof Coffee

Mama Loves Food

The Recipe: Bulletproof Coffee

The Hero Ingredient: Coconut oil combines with high-quality butter and coffee to make this morning beverage even better.

The Pro Tip: April of Mama Loves Food says the healthy fats keep her satisfied. She only uses butter from grass-fed cows and swears by Kerrygold.

Butter Coffee

Root + Revel

The Recipe: Butter Coffee

The Hero Ingredient: Ghee. It has all the health benefits of grass-fed butter but without the lactose.

The Pro Tip: Kate of Root + Revel also adds maca powder and cinnamon to her butter coffee, not just for flavour but for their health benefits. "In Ayurveda, herbs are often mixed with ghee to be more easily absorbed by the body," she writes.

Better Than Bulletproof Coffee

The First Mess

The Hero Ingredient: Raw cashew butter gives the coffee a dairy-like richness without the lactose. You can also try any nut or seed butter like tahini or hazelnut.

The Pro Tip: According to Laura of The First Mess, the extra calories from the fat slow the absorption of the caffeine, leaving her feeling less jittery than a cup that's too strong.

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