Swiping Right for Your Career: Would You Try It?

Updated 03/28/18
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In a world of e-love, where right swiping and double-tapping have fast become legitimate forms of courtship, it only makes sense that this generation's aptitude for digital connection has entered the professional sphere. With more traditional forms of networking platforms like LinkedIn changing the nature of climbing the professional ladder, it only makes sense for dating platform, Bumble to traverse into the professional circuit as well, launching Bumble Bizz in Australia just last week. Originally launched in 2014 as a platform that empowered women through their dating lives, the women-focused network is now doing the same for women with their careers.

So, how does it really work? Well, in a world where there can be grey area surrounding clear boundaries in the work place (evident in the #MeToo movement) Bumble Bizz works to create an equal playing field by putting power back in the hands of women.

Once you’ve created a profile which includes your digital resume and a skills section, you’re also able to include examples of your work on digital profile cards. Then, similar to a dating profile, you swipe through to see other profiles of professionals geographically close to you—perfect for a coffee catch-up or quick mentoring session. Holding onto its feminist ethos, women still have to make the first move. While it may seem a little more laboured of a task to try at first, our suspicion is that it will soon become a buzzy destination for budding and established professionals alike, perfect for job searching and finding the perfect candidate for a hyper-focused role.


Download the app, and get networking, stat. 

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