The Edgy Design Trend That's Making a Serious Comeback

Many of the world's greatest artists have shown us the brilliance and beauty in flaws. Leonard Koren writes about wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic and art form, as "the beauty of things imperfect," and Leonard Cohen reminds us to "forget your perfect offering/There's a crack in everything/That's how the light gets in." When it comes to interior design trends, there's no better proof than burl wood furniture.

You may be surprised to discover that this grain of wood gets its intriguing, kaleidoscopic swirls from a mutation, usually manifesting as an outgrowth of a tree trunk after some form of stress. While born out of imperfection and mutation, the marbled twists of wood exude a striking, meditative warmth, bringing more depth to any space they enter. Because this type of wood is rare and difficult to work with, it carries a unique blend of rustic vibes and modern elegance. If you find inspiration in nature and love layering rich materials to create a nature-inspired texturescape, this interior design trend belongs in your home. Shop our edit of burl wood furniture and décor we're loving right now.