Seriously, This Is How Long You Need to Exercise After Bingeing on Junk Food

Updated 06/12/17
burn calories in junk food

Most of us indulge in a little junk food at least once in a while. Summer makes it even more difficult because we’re always on the go, escaping to the beach on weekends and attending barbecues and picnics. (And let’s be honest—are we really going to pass up pizza and burgers and chips if they’re literally right in front of us?) To make up for it, we extend our leisurely stroll or fit in an extra workout class before hitting the pool, but is that enough to burn off our calorie intake? A report from the UK’s Royal Society for Public Health suggests that it might take us longer than we think to burn off some of our favorite foods.

When we say favorite foods, we’re not talking about good-for-you high-calorie foods like avocados and granola—we mean everything from soda to those slices of pizza we grab late at night. If you’re looking to work out more this week to burn off those extra calories, then you may find this helpful. We’ve rounded up exactly how long you need to exercise to burn off some of the junk foods you consumed (and some fun workout ideas for doing so). Scroll through to see how they stack up:

Can of soda: 138 calories; run for 13 minutes

One-quarter of a large pizza: 449 calories; run for 43 minutes

Dry-roasted peanuts (50 g): 296 calories; run for 28 minutes

Bag of chips: 171 calories; run for 16 minutes

Cheeseburger: 700 calories; play badminton for 133 minutes

Chicken drumstick with sauce: 242 calories; swim for 34 minutes

Chili dog with the works: 366 calories; golf for 89 minutes

Be sure to read about healthy Trader Joe’s snacks to replace your junk-food stash, and tell us what you think about the above in the comments.

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