Study Says We're Happy at Work but This Makes It Hard

So the good news is an overwhelming percentage of us are feeling pretty happy at work. According to a new survey report just published by Staples Advantage, 43% of us are feeling "very happy," with another 43% "somewhat happy," at work. But before you start rejoicing, 53% of those same workers surveyed say they also feel burned out. How can the two coexist? Quite simply, it means we have a high job satisfaction, both our personal and our professional lives are enriched, but our workloads are reaching unhealthy levels. Many of us are feeling stretched too thin, and if it continues, we may see more workplace unhappiness as a result. So what can we do about it? Harvard Business Review took a closer look at a few options to consider.

Reduce Your Overtime
While many would agree that overtime is considered normal practice in the modern workplace, there is a difference between staying late a few days a week and being given an excessive workload. There has been a general reduction in staff across most companies, which has left many employees feeling overworked and overburdened. Harvard Business Review recommends building in enough teamwork and overlapping responsibilities to relieve pressure and assist in any emergencies.

Give Employees More Flexibility and Freedom
If you allow workers to adjust the time and place of their work, they tend to be more productive. The key is to give more autonomy, allowing employees to devise the content of their jobs, how they like to work, and a way to base it around their family and other external commitments. 

To read more about workers being happy but burned out, visit Harvard Business Review.

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