"It Was Instinctual"—5 Fierce Entrepreneurs Recall Their Light Bulb Moments

At the core of every successful venture, there's one thing: a brilliant idea. The best entrepreneurs manage to spot an opportunity, recognize its potential in the marketplace, and position it as something we want—no, need. But how did those lightbulb moments come about?

"Knowing that there was a good opportunity was instinctual," says Ju Rhyu, co-founder of beauty brand Hero Cosmetics, who first thought of her business idea when she got a pimple, of all things. While that scenario might be unique to Rhyu, it became a common thread among the female co-founders we interviewed. Regardless of industry or product offering, it's clear that inspiration can strike at any time, and it's how you act on it that counts. Ahead, five smart women share the lightbulb moment that sparked success.

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