This Checklist Will Turn a Great Idea Into a Successful Business 

At MyDomaine, we know how challenging it is to turn your passion into a thriving business. Making that leap of faith takes courage and confidence, but seeing your dreams become a reality is more than worth the effort. One question, however, remains: Where do you begin? How do you transform that small and often simple idea into a profitable company? Well, we want to help. So we partnered with Above the Glass to give young entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools, and the edge to own their working lives. In the first installment of this series, we take you through step one: writing a business plan. Here, the two ATG founders, Heather Serden ((previous investment strategy analyst) and Danielle Yadegar (former fashion editor) guide you through their personal process. Be sure to download their business plan checklist at the end.

When we came up with the idea for Above the Glass, it was just a twinkle in our eyes. We knew there was no approachable and informative place to guide women step by step through the process of starting a business. And of the businesses out there who attempted to do this, no one was doing it well. So on nights and weekends, we started to write all of our ideas down, asking ourselves pivotal questions like what it would look like, who our customer would be, and how we would bring it to life.

By creating our version of a business plan, we were forming the blueprint of what was to come. We had to explore each angle, make sure it was a viable concept and begin to discuss the idea with the outside world. This is a vital first step. You really need to dissect it, ask all the questions, and look at it from every angle during the business plan process so you can truly start turning that nagging idea into a profitable enterprise. Here we break it down so you can get started today.