8 Business Travel Tips That Just Made Our Lives 10 Times Easier


Sabrina Hill

Heidi Nazarudin is a former investment banker and CEO of a Nasdaq-listed tech company. In 2007, she gave up a $500,000 salary to launch The Ambitionista, a lifestyle blog that aims to empower career-oriented women with everything from putting together a chic work wardrobe to networking like a seasoned professional. Here Nazarudin shares her advice on balancing travel and work.

The word travel in English evolved from the French word travailler, which originally meant “to labor or work.” I can’t help but think this a little ironic considering how much traveling some of us do in the name of work. Just last year alone I clocked more than 90,000 miles in the air. In my many hours up in the air I’ve come to realize that knowing how to work efficiently and effectively while constantly traveling is crucial in order to stay organized (and sane). Yes, it’s entirely possible to keep up with a busy travel schedule while still taking care of those tasks inundating your inbox.

Keep reading for some of my tried-and-tested business travel tips to working hassle-free while on the go.

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This post was originally published June 14, 2016.