The 7 Summer Skincare Products Beauty Editors Actually Use


Erin Pederson for Byrdie

The only thing more complicated than navigating the health and wellness world is navigating the beauty world; just walking into a Sephora or down the beauty aisle at a drugstore is enough to give you decision fatigue.

Knowing this, our sister site Byrdie decided to eliminate the guesswork from looking and feeling your best. Seven Byrdie editors selected their all-time favorite makeup and skincare products and put them into one sleek, limited-edition bag designed by Pop & Suki. The Byrdie Bag is quite literally the easiest way to streamline your beauty routine—the bag's two versions are filled with seven simple must-haves that tackle each stage of the skincare or beauty process.

What's more, the Byrdie Bag gives you $421 worth of top-notch beauty and skincare products for just $115. Head over to the Byrdie Bag for more product specifics and use BLPS20 at checkout for an extra 20% off.