Cabin Fever: Lodge Essentials

Maybe it's the fact that we just watched a double-feature of The Great Outdoors and Indian Summer, but we're jonesin' for a cabin getaway. To aid in that scheme, we've penned a packing list filled with essentials that thrive in woodsy environs--and, it's worth mentioning, can also be put to use in the wilds of your own backyard. We've got you covered on both the fashionable and functional front, thanks to DWR's Lighthouse Outdoor Torch and Garde's coated canvas laundry basket. And artisanal campsite cuisine is a snap, courtesy of Bodum's Mini Charcoal Grill and Mercer Cutlery's Forged Knife Set. As for the ghost stories? Pack yourself a Ouja Board, and you can ask the spirits yourself. But before you cross over, see the full range of our findings in the shoppable slideshow below.



Photographs: 1. Courtesy A Drift Designs 2. Courtesy Arts for Home 3.Courtesy Houzz 4.Courtesy LakeHouse 5.Courtesy This is Trouble 6-7. Courtesy Houzz 8-10.Courtesy James Merrell/House Beautiful  11-12.Frederic Ducout 13. Roger Davies 14.Courtesy Houzz