Calacatta Viola Marble Is the New Trend Taking Over Instagram

calacatta marble side table

Francois Dischinger

Trends come and go, but classic materials are forever. Enter Calacatta Viola, the gorgeous, purple-veined marble you’ve most likely seen on your favorite designer’s Instagram pages. It’s popping up in tons of posts from our favorite designers, like Olivia Stutz to Bobby Berk to Tasmin Johnson. There’s even an Australian furniture line, Just Adele, dedicated to crafting Calacatta Viola side tables, which have surged in popularity over the last year as the new “it” table. 

Calacatta Viola is a great alternative to Carrara or even the more subtle-toned Calacatta Gold marble. Say goodbye to quartz and other smaller veined stones—2021 is all about boldly colored marble that will instantly become a focal point in any room.

The marble’s signature cabernet hued veining on bright white marble makes it one of the most sought-after types of marble, and it can easily liven up both neutral and more colorful kitchens, add a unique twist to a powder bath, or be the perfect investment piece as a living room side table or high-end nightstand. 

Designer Olivia Stutz, who recently selected a custom Calacatta Viola side table to accompany her peaceful all-white New York bedroom, has seen her clients become more and more comfortable with going outside-of-the-box for their homes. “I’m doing a lot with Calacatta at the moment,” she says. 

Calacatta Viola ensures you're getting color in a muted way that still adds a slice of personality.

Calacatta, which comes from Italian quarries, is selling out at many of New York’s stone yards, and for a good reason. The stone, which is often on par price-wise with Caesarstone, is highly impactful. While Viola is currently trending, the designer has seen her clients slowly warm up to the idea of using Calacatta.

“Calacatta Viola is out there and in your face with the color,” she says. “It’s a dark purple, almost black, so it ensures you're getting color in a muted way that still adds a slice of personality.”

Stultz also enjoys educating clients when it comes to material selections, and over the years, she has gained more and more knowledge through trips to local stone yards.

“Being in this industry for years and years and going to stone showrooms like Artistic Tile has educated me on the types of stone, what the cuts mean, and how to get them,” she says. 

People are becoming more and more comfortable with expressing themselves through their homes, and pops of Calacatta Viola can be a beautiful way to do so. The designer suggests paring the stone with deep taupe, cream, and bright white, while she cautions avoiding pairing it with yellow.

“I’m most inclined to include it say in a white bedroom with linen headboard with two marble side tables,” she says. “It’s rare to see a full Calacatta viola kitchen, for example.”

Stutz's personal favorite pieces, a Calacatta Viola coffee table from Burke Decor, and pieces from Just Adele are easy recommendations. Unexpected, sophisticated, and trendy, what more could you want?