The Home Décor Brand All the Fashion Girls Love

Updated 05/08/19
Calvin Klein Home
Nicole Franzen

Just like a Hermès Kelly bag in the fashion world, some décor items never go out of style. And just like a great pair of underwear, there are household staples that are worth investing in over and over again. These are the items that will stand the test of time in your home—and even though you might need to upgrade them once in a while, you'll faithfully go back to the same items time and time again.

What Calvin Klein has done to underwear in the fashion world, it has managed to achieve in home décor as well: well-crafted, quality items that are faithful classics—and fashion girls are on board. Whether it's a set of crisp white sheets or a luxe cashmere throw, these are the items from Calvin Klein home that we simply cannot get enough of—and many of them have remained unchanged since the days of '90s minimalism. Give your home the Kate Moss treatment, and pick up these timeless home essentials.

FALL 17 lucerne velvet pillow in cobalt
Calvin Klein Lucerne Velvet Pillow in Cobalt $100

Upgrade your sofa for fall instantly with this dramatic velvet navy pillow.

modern cotton - pulse duvet cover in spray
Calvin Klein Pulse Duvet Cover in Spray $175

Calvin Klein bedding is just like its underwear: classic, timeless, and insanely comfortable.

peter hujar: lost downtown
Peter Hujar Lost Downtown $30

Don't neglect your coffee table. Calvin Klein has a selection of ultra-chic fashion and photography books to flip through again and again.

Calvin Klein Chalet Duvet Cover and Sham $250

What's chicer than crisp white bedding with a simple black border? Nothing.

lunar - luminescent rib rug in mercury
Calvin Klein Luminescent Rib Rug in Mercury $598

Another rug we can't get enough of is this shimmery mauve rug that will give your space a warm glow.

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