What to Pack for a Desert Adventure in Joshua Tree

While jetting off to Europe or the Caribbean might be on your summer travel bucket list, the stateside destination of Joshua Tree is perfect for those looking to journey off the beaten path. An under-the-radar desert escape, the small town of Joshua Tree located in southern California is a mecca for avid rock climbers, hikers, and campers alike. While I am none of these things, I couldn't help but accept an invitation to spend a weekend away from Los Angeles with luxury glamping brand Camp'd Out and see what all the fuss was about.

Whether you're comfortable roughing it in the wilderness like a pro or would prefer a more extravagant camping experience, there's a lot you need to pack. In the spring and early months of summer, the desert reaches incredibly high temperatures during the day before dropping significantly after the sun sets. That means you'll need a variety of clothes to accommodate day and night activities, as well as an array of skincare products to protect you from the sun and dry air. Here's everything you need to pack for camping in Joshua Tree.