Inside a Creative Couple's Bright SoCal House

When an empty-nesting couple relocated from downtown San Francisco to West Los Angeles for work, they relished the wide-open space of their new house. Turns out that even in a Malibu-adjacent neighborhood, real estate in Southern California gets you more square footage. Having left most of their furniture in their former home, the couple had just one issue: filling up a four-bedroom, 5000-square-feet house from scratch. With them, they had only brought a few treasured pieces: midcentury collectibles and a colorful art collection.

The couple, who wasn't interested in run-of-the-mill décor, reached out to interior designer Amy Elbaum, who had also recently relocated to L.A. from New York City. With her experience designing Manhattan homes, she would have the right expertise to give this couple's home a vibrant city feel. By mixing the couple's existing midcentury collection and artwork with bold new pieces, the designer was able to create a welcoming home with a curated gallery feel. Step inside and find out why it sometimes pays off to take risks when it comes to décor.