How to Cancel Your Comcast Account Once and for All

With so many television-viewing options out there, Comcast is quickly becoming an obsolete service. However, if you’ve decided to pull the plug on your Comcast subscription, the company makes it incredibly challenging for you to do so. According to a TechCrunch story, “Comcast has folks that are dedicated solely to the mission of retaining those who wish to graze in other Internet pastures, complete with a guidebook on how to keep a customer on the phone and persuade them to keep their Comcast service.” So how can you break up with Comcast without being pulled back into a relationship that’s clearly over? For just $5, a new service called Airpaper will do the dirty work for you. “All you have to do is offer your name, address, phone number, and Comcast account number, and Airpaper will make that nasty phone call for you,” reports TechCrunch. Although it’s not always 100% safe to provide personal information to a third party, Airpaper seems legit and reputable.

Whether you have Comcast or not, fall’s top shows look best on a brand-new flat-screen television.

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