The Only 2 Cancer-Fighting Foods You Need in Your Diet

Cancer is an indiscriminate disease, affecting both the healthy and unhealthy among us. But as London-based nutritionist Adam Cunliffe points out, about one-third of cancers are related to our diet. "This can be related to foods that we aren’t eating enough of, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, or things we might eat too much of, such as salt, sugar, and refined carbs," he explains in an interview with Goop. "Fortunately, with the right information, diet is one risk variable that’s entirely within our control."

In fact, there are entire diets designed to fend off cancer and promote a rock-solid immune system. "Eating to support a strong immune system can be preventive in the sense that cancer may not occur in the first place, but it can also be ‘curative’ in [the] sense that cancer may arise but be eliminated before it ever has a chance to take a hold," he explains. 

While the right diet is in no way a cancer cure, nor a replacement for traditional treatment methods, Cunliffe does mention one interesting diet-only intervention. The patient, who suffered from malignant melanoma, entered complete remission from self-medicating with high doses of green tea and pineapple. "It could be argued that this was one of the rare ‘spontaneous’ remissions," he admits, "but both green tea and pineapple are known to inhibit cancer cell growth." In fact, the "epigallocatechin gallate in green tea and bromelain in pineapple are current cancer therapy research areas." 

Of course, this is just one rare case. But, as Cunliffe mentions, there are relatively no downsides to eating antioxidant-rich foods and sticking to a healthy diet. "It's something all of us can do right now to be healthier and feel better. If it could also help prevent a dreaded diagnosis, all the better."

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