This Australian Style Icon Shares Her Best Parenting Advice

Unsurprisingly, Candice Lake sits high on our inspirational women list. The London-based Australian model-turned-photographer is not only a modern day style icon, but she has also achieved career success which has seen her evolve into one of the world’s most sought-after photographers—something that's nothing short of inspiring. And to top it off, she is now a dedicated mother-of-two—the role she admits is her most fulfilling yet.

As soon as we spotted Lake on the cover of Issue 3 of GRACE Magazine we couldn’t turn its digital pages fast enough. In a candid interview, the mother of Arden, 2 1/2, and Olympia, 7 months, revealed everything from how she overcome the work life balance juggle to her unique parenting style.

“For the first year of Arden's life, we tried to both work full time without any help and away from our families and I found I was constantly conflicted. Now, my main aim is that whatever I am putting my energy into, whether it is my career or my children, I give it 100 percent,” she told GRACE Magazine. “I realised after that first year of trying to do it all, that it is really about quality and not quantity of time. Once I accepted this, our life was a lot richer.”

For Lake and her husband (and fellow Aussie), Didier Ryan, they have a no-screen rule in their household, and you won’t find them giving out sweet treats as bribes. “We have a zero screen time policy with our children. I grew up without a television and it was a real gift,” she says. Adding, “Obviously I have my computer but the only time my son sees a screen is if I am taking a photo of him and I show him the picture. Now when he’s walking outside and there are people looking at their phones he thinks it’s at pictures of him [laughs]—he’s such a little narcissist!”

Just when we thought Lake couldn’t inspire us further, she proves us wrong.

Head to GRACE Magazine to read the full interview with Lake and shop these stylish baby outfits.

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