5 Chic Candle Accessories That Seriously Up the Ambience

fall candle with books

Maria Kovalevskaya / EyeEm / Getty Images

Confession: I am a candle hoarder. I have a cabinet lined with scents for different seasons, ones I’ve collected on my travels, and even some I’ve made myself. Now, you would think a burning candle would look the same on just about any Instagram feed, but I’ve noticed that when bloggers or stylists share, it looks, well, cozier. The reason? They have the right accessories.

From custom matches to a cute tray, these items can take your styling game to the next level and help you create the perfect vignette. Certain accessories, like a wick trimmer, will also help your candles to last longer. Talk about a win-win.

1. Snuffer

gold candle snuffer
Crate & Barrel Gold Candle Snuffer $12

A fan favorite for centuries, snuffers are the OG candle accessories. The cone-shaped tool limits the amount of air that reaches the flame and extinguishes it without any risk of hot wax being blown about. It’s also ideal for taller candles, like tapers.

2. Wick Trimmer

gold wick trimmer
Crate & Barrel Gold Wick Trimmer $12

Ideally, a wick should extend no more than a half-inch above the wax. An untrimmed wick can cause excess smoke and soot, and even alter the fragrance. It might also cause your candle to burn hotter and faster than it would otherwise. The trimmer’s elongated handle makes it easy to reach, while the specially designed tip captures the excess for easy discard.

3. Matches

matches in ceramic
SETTLE Ceramics Round Match Striker in Royal Speckle $32

Matches are not only a practical accessory, but also a great way to infuse personality into a space. Collect matchbooks from favorite cocktail bars, select ones with a pretty pattern or even design a custom set with your monogram. If you prefer the matches to be out in the open, spring for a ceramic holder. It looks cute, but also doubles as a striker. 

4. Tray

candle tray
H&M Home Gold Candle Tray $18

A good tray is a stylist’s secret weapon. It helps corral items and anchors any vignette. Play with scale and shape to find one that fits your space and the candle’s aesthetic. A footed tray will also add height and keep the candle off precious surfaces.

5. Cloche

glass cloche

Aside from giving off major apothecary vibes, a cloche (or bell jar as it’s often called), helps keep dust at bay. It also captures the overall scent of a candle instead of just the most prominent notes. 

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