7 Canned Wines So Good They Might Actually Replace Your Favorite Bottle



Canned wine continues to grow in sales (as in, a 69 percent growth last year alone), and it’s easy to see why—it’s super portable and convenient, plus, it’s an easy way to have a serving of wine (er, two…) without opening up an entire bottle. Yep, most cans of wine are two “servings” AKA half of a standard bottle, so drink carefully.

While they are convenient, practical, and perfect to bring to a picnic or party, cans of wine don't always denote, ahem, taste. But much like boxed wine has improved over the last years, canned wine doesn’t have to mean bad quality—in fact, as more and more producers are getting into the game, you can find some options that rival your absolute favorite bottle of vino. Here, some of our favorites to keep on hand.

14 Hands Winery

can of wine
14 Hands Winery Bubbles Cans, 6 Pack $36

Washington state’s largest producer Ste. Michelle Estates is in on the canned wine game, and they do it so well. Pinot Grigio, Rosé, a Red Blend (adorably named “Hot to Trot,” as their background and name derives from horses), and my absolute favorite: bubbles, a white sparkling that’s a blend of Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Muscat Canelli, and other white varietals.

Ruza Rosé

canned wine
Winc Ruza Rosé Cans, 4 Pack $18

Cool packaging, but even cooler wine—with notes of mellowed red fruits and a dry finish, all with a slightly spritzy, bubbly appeal.


wine in can
Underwood Wine Company Pinot Noir Cans, 4 Pack $28

One of the canned market leaders, Underwood has an impressive range of yummy canned wines, including one of the best canned Pinot Noirs out there.

Chronic Cellars

wine in a can
Chronic Cellars Sparkling Can $6

This Paso Robles-based winery has rolled out with a sparkling white and a rosé—both delicious, easy-to-drink, and with cool cans to boot.


wine in a can
Vinny Wines 'New York Bubbly Wine, 4 Pack $22

Created in New York by NoMad Hotel Wine Director Thomas Pastuszak, this Finger Lakes-region wine comes in two sparkling varieties—bubbly rosé and bubbly blanc—that are both crisp and refreshing.

Archer Roose

canned wine
Archer Roose Sauvignon Blanc, 4 Pack $16

This sustainably-produced wine brand produces four “classic” styles (bubbly, rosé, malbec, and sauvignon blanc) along with three low-ABV, spritz-style sparklers (rosé, red, and white). The sauvignon blanc from Chile is a real standout with a bright and crisp taste, and notes of grapefruit.


wine in cans
Bonterra Young Red Cans, 4 Pack $18

This organic vineyard has been a fan favorite for years, and now offers canned wines in rosé, sauvignon blanc, and a young red that you serve chilled. Yes, chilled. (And you’ll be happy you did.)

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