10 Hacks for Creating a Canopy Bed

Updated 08/26/14

When sleeping in a canopy bed, a night of sweet dreams is veritably guaranteed. There is nothing that makes a bedroom feel more romantic or luxurious than swaths of fabric cascading from the ceiling. But, unless you were born into royalty, a canopy bed can be hard to come by. Therefore, you must resort to getting a little bit crafty when decorating your boudoir. Here are 10 ways to dream under a canopy, without having to call the royal decorator. 

Piet Boon

Mosquito netting is not only useful (in buggier climates), but also extremely beautiful. The gauzy fabric looks especially dreamy when hung from simple hooks above a bed. 


A four-poster bed is just asking to have curtains hung from the side rails. Make sure to choose drapery rings that match the finish of the bed, and to select a fabric that complements your bedding. 

Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith obviously know how to decorate an exotic bedroom. The most dramatic touch? A fringed curtain draped across two bars to create a glamorous, yet simple, canopy.

Megan Pflug for Design*Sponge

A canopy doesn’t necessarily need to hang over the whole bed, but just at the headboard. Here, a double-sided fabric panel, with one sewn rod pocket, hangs from two drapery rods.

Designed by SAARANHA & VASCONCELOS , featured in Nuevo Estilo

Perhaps the most genius hack of them all: two chrome rings are attached to the ceiling and long pieces of fabric are strung through them. An almost-instant canopy bed!

via Hey Mishka

A bohemian bed is canopied quickly by hanging pieces of fringed fabric from twine hung like a clothesline. 

Megan Pflug for Design*Sponge

Four corners is really all you need to make a canopy bed. Here, brass piping is affixed to the ceiling, and gauzy white fabric is hung from it. Head over to Megan Pflug’s blog for the full tutorial. 

San Giorgio Mykonos

Structure is added to a hanging mosquito net with a simple metal frame, easily made with plumping pipes and joints.  

Jessica Sample for Lonny

A modern white four-poster bed looks more feminine with overlapping layers of sheer fabric. 

Patrick Cline for Lonny

By screwing black piping to the ceiling, it’s easy to hang dramatic panels of fabric. You’ll never feel like you have a boring bedroom again. 

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