Step Inside Cara Delevingne's Offbeat West London Apartment

Updated 04/25/18

Cara Delevingne is just as famous for her statement-making eyebrows and acting chops as she is for her personality—the model and actress has a refreshingly genuine quality that truly sets her apart from most others in the spotlight. True to form, her West London flat reflects her vibrant personality—as Architectural Digest documents, her home is filled with neon signs, bright colors, and unique artwork that manage to capture her offbeat sensibilities.

"It's got high ceilings and big windows, but it's private and classic," said Delevingne of the space. She enlisted the help of family friend Tom Bartlett, founder of architecture and interior design practice Waldo Works, to help her breathe new life into the space. While she had the "fries" sign to contribute to the design, Bartlett basically started from scratch as far as décor went. Ultimately, he aimed to curate a space that "echoed her punkishly cool sensibility, but also one that she could grow with," he told the magazine.

Check out the finished project below, and head over to AD for the full tour.

Skyler Smith for Architectural Digest
Skyler Smith for Architectural Digest
Skyler Smith for Architectural Digest

Opening Image: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

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