10 Women Share Their Best Career Advice in 2 Sentences or Less

Who better to turn to for career advice and inspiration than a few seriously successful entrepreneurs and business savvy women who've been there? Create & Cultivate, the online platform and conference for women with the drive to create and cultivate their dream careers, recently tapped some of today's most influential women to learn more about their formulas for success. On a mission of female empowerment and innovation, the female-driven company hosted panels, in partnership with MINI USA, in Los Angeles and San Francisco to learn from some of the sharpest minds in a variety of fields.

From the fashion and entertainment industries to the worlds of coding and fitness, leading women like Catt Sadler, Anine Bing, and Kimberly Bryant (to name a few) opened up about the best business hacks they've learned throughout their successful careers, along with what they think matters most to local entrepreneurs. Here's what they had to say.