This Is Exactly How to Kill It at Work, According to Your Zodiac Sign


Being passionate about your job is one thing, but knowing exactly how to be stellar at it is another. Whether you pick up a career self-help book (we like The Pathfinder, $9) or consult your work BFF, it never hurts to have a little extra backup. But as Well+Good points out, another simple way to glean insight about your strengths at work—and tap into them—is to consult your zodiac sign.

The two key indicators are your sun sign (what you look at when checking your horoscope, for example, Gemini) and the midheaven located at the top of your birth chart (usually indicated with the initials MC). Using these key factors, astrologer Sandra Sitron has broken down your professional strengths based on your zodiac sign. Read on to see which personality traits you should rely on to go above and beyond at work.

Aries: Decision-making, productivity, foresight

Taurus: Dependability, patience, sense of calm

Gemini: Curiosity, communication, sociability

Cancer: Nurturing, multi-tasking, motivated

Leo: Creative, generous, bold

Virgo: Organized, thoughtful, a team player

Libra: Charming, logical, even-keeled

Scorpio: Discerning, resourceful, compassionate

Sagittarius: Wise, open-minded, inspired

Capricorn: Planner, leader, resilient

Aquarius: Visionary, ideas person, community-minded

Pisces: Compassionate, positive, artistic

Visit Well+Good to find out more about your zodiac sign and your career strengths, and don't forget to check out your March 2017 horoscope.

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