Where Women Make More Money Than Men

Lately, there’s been a lot of chatter about gender-based salary inequality in the workforce. Although women have come a very long way since everyone stayed at home and tended to the kids and the house, in general, women are still paid significantly less than men. Money is reporting on new research from the U.S. Census Bureau that tracked men’s and women’s earnings across more than 300 fields of occupation to learn what percentage of a man’s typical wage a woman made. Sadly, there are just seven where women take home more money than men. Here are the jobs where females out-earned their male counterparts (a percentage of 100% would mean the pay was completely equal among males and females).

  1. Tour and travel guides: 114.8%
  2. Musicians, singers, and related workers: 107.6%
  3. Transportation, storage, and distribution managers: 107.1%
  4. Dietitians and nutritionists: 105.7%
  5. Residential advisers: 100.8%
  6. Wholesale and retail buyers, except farm products: 100.6%
  7. Counselors: 100.5%

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Do you work in any of these fields? Are you proud to be making more than your male counterparts?