You're Only $179 Away From Having Your Toes in the Sand

The Chriselle Factor

With the end of summer on the horizon, you may begin to feel those winter blues set in. Stretch out the last bit of summer by giving yourself something to look forward to. A last-minute cruise requires little planning and effort—your destinations, activities, and meals are all set. And while many carriers can set you back a bit, Carnival offers notably low prices, especially if you can score one of the cruise line's countless deals. Carnival cruise deals are constantly popping up if you know where to look. Check out one of the three we've rounded up below—or keep your eyes on these sites to score one in the future—and gear up for a guilt-free getaway to round out the end of summer.

Priceline. Priceline boasts Carnival cruise packages for 80% off the brochure price. This means you can book a three-day Bahamian getaway for just $179 ($60 a night), or go a bit more luxe, and rent a suite for just $140 a night.

Kayak. Kayak offers a list of three- and four-day cruise packages to various destinations all under $350.

Expedia. Skip the booking fees, and score free upgrades using Expedia to purchase a Carnival cruise package deal at a range of price points for destinations all over the world, typically between 60 to 70% off.

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