Transform Your Home With These 5 Carpet Trends

Updated 06/13/18

With all the innovative breakthroughs that have seen a surge in the demand for timber, vinyl, bamboo, laminate and hybrid hard flooring products in recent years, you have to wonder: is carpet still cool?

We think so.  Carpet is still a popular flooring solution in many homes, and the combination of technological advancements and creative, stylish designs means that a carpeted room can still be very much on trend. For interior design of the softer kind, these five major carpet trends will be big for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

Eco-Friendly Construction

As we all become more conscious of the environmental impact of our day-to-day lives, so too has the demand for eco-friendly flooring options.. The carpet innovations are fascinating; Carpet Court’s Redbook Green carpet range is constructed from a renewably sourced biopolymer using natural corn sugar, known as Triexta. Luxurious Triexta carpets, including those found in the Cloud Walk and Nature’s Gift collections, present beautiful, resilient and environmentally certified (ECS) carpets with significantly lower environmental footprints than many others.

Carpets produced from recycled materials is another developing trend. PET carpets are made from recycled plastic bottles, and not only give environmentally-conscious home owners the satisfaction of using recycled materials but are just as durable and stylish as any other carpet fibre.

Natural Fibres

Natural fibres such as wood or wool can give your home an authentic feel –there’s a reason timber floating floors are so popular. 100% pure wool carpets are another good option, such as those in Carpet Court’s Gaia wool Ocean Road collection, as they are naturally durable, stain-, soil- and crush-resistant, while the looped pile delivers the textured look.

Versatile Synthetic Fibres

For family or pet-friendly homes, low-maintenance and easy-care flooring is the priority. Advanced manufacturing practices have developed durable synthetic carpets with superior resistance to spills, stains and fading, while still remaining soft and comfortable under foot. Just like timber-look floating floors, synthetic carpets bring many of the benefits of natural wool fibre carpets and are so close in likeness you’ll be challenged to spot the difference.

Neutral, Earthy Tones

When styling your home, starting from the floor up with a neutral base provides the greatest scope for flexibility and variety in your interior colour palette. Blending natural, earthy floor colours with other neutrals in the room creates a relaxed, stylish look. Add interest to your living space by mixing in different textures with wall art, throw rugs or cushions.  Opting for coloured décor items will bring zest and vitality to a neutral living room base.  In the bedroom, neutral carpet tones are soothing and easy-on-the-eye,  creating the tranquil environment you want in your sleep zones.

Grey and Blue Colour Palettes

If you’re looking for base colour options with more depth than cream and beige tones,  rich blues paired with either bold or soft greys continue to remain in vogue. The blue and grey hues in Carpet Court’s Heaven Sent carpet collection and the blended greys highlighted by Wayfarer’s textured loop pile feel fresh and modern. Just add bold colour contrasts like plum- or wine-coloured throws and vibrant, multi-coloured floor rugs.

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