Are You Consuming This Ingredient That Was Just Banned?



In an effort to avoid ingredients that cause our bodies harm, we often turn to organic brands for our grocery go-tos. Sometimes this isn't enough to guarantee that what we're consuming is good for us. The latest ingredient banned from organic foods demonstrates just that.

This past Thursday, the National Organics Board decided to no longer certify anything containing the emulsifying agent carrageenan, a food additive regularly used to thicken dairy products and their non-dairy alternatives. The natural ingredient is derived from red seaweed but has been known to cause digestive inflammation. While some studies have suggested that carrageenan isn't a problem (thus raising some disagreement in response to the ban), the National Organics Board has still advised that the U.S. Department of Agriculture rid of the common ingredient altogether.

Worried this possibly harmful ingredient might be hiding out in your household? Chances are it is. If you're stocked up on coffee creamer, almond milk, or soy milk from popular brands like 365 Whole Foods, Silk, or Trader Joe's, you're consuming carrageenan. Some brands have already begun switching out the controversial ingredient, but many of your grocery buys still likely carry it. If you're worried about digestive inflammation or have had a problem with bloating and digestion, it's worth checking the ingredients on the backs of these products until the additive is completely phased out.

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