I'm a Frequent Flyer—I Never Board a Plane Without Packing (and Wearing) These


Sacha Strebe

Flying isn't something I particularly enjoy. Don't get me wrong; I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to travel for work and I always love the destination, but being on a plane and dealing with the stress of TSA and catching a flight on time isn't my idea of fun. So I have made it my mission to make the whole process as simple and seamless as possible. That includes packing a carry-on with travel essentials that can make economy feel like first class, and airport outfits that are cozy and comfortable but also chic and cool. 

I drew on my in-flight experiences to compile a handy list of my personal favorites, and I split it up into two sections: what I take on board and what I wear on board. Hopefully, this will also help you make a stressful flight more enjoyable and fun too. Read on to see the 32 things I never board a plane without packing and wearing