What to Expect When You Take on the Paleo Diet

If you haven’t heard of the current food craze, the Paleo diet, then you might be living more like a caveman than anyone on the actual program. First, health-conscious restaurants included a “V” next to all vegetarian options. Within the last couple of years, “GF” (gluten-free) has become just as common. But now, restaurants and smoothie bars are not wellness-savvy if they don’t have at least a few Paleo-friendly options asterisked on their menus.

The Hollywood-favorite Paleo diet refers to eating as cavemen would, i.e., only animal protein, produce (ideally picked straight from the earth by your own hands), nuts, and berries. The goal of this high-fat, low-carb diet is to make digesting your food easy on your gut.

After overhearing “Is that Paleo?” enough times at restaurants and reading about the primal craze in The New York Times, I decided to try the ultra-trendy, ultra-restrictive eating plan. But, being the all-or-nothing girl that I am, I wanted to commit fully to a caveman lifestyle, or at least live as Paleolithic as I could for a weekend in Los Angeles circa 2015. For me, that meant no processed food, as little electricity as possible, walking barefoot (at least at home), and chowing down on animal protein and vegetables. The two days that unfolded were both frustrating and wonderfully exhilarating.