We're Not Waiting Till Fall to Try These 4 Trends

Usually, when word of the first drop of fall furniture lands in our inbox, we file it away to revisit when the seasons change. After all, it's hard to imagine adorning your home with the usual fall items like fur throws and velvet pillows when it's still summer. But when CB2 announced its first installment of products for fall, we couldn't help but fill up our carts. That's because fall trends aren't quite what you'd expect this year.

"Our stories this season are lush and provide a sense of texture in a home," CB2 Managing Director Ryan Turf tells MyDomaine. Sure, there are traditional fall themes peppered throughout, like natural earth tones and spicy hues, but there's also a feast of unexpected items, like rattan chairs and pendants (they're not just for summer) and coastal décor (for year-round vacation vibes).

Don't wait until the seasons shift to try these four trends. Here are the items we're buying now (before everyone else does).

Trend 1 Chelsea Social

Courtesy of CB2

Rattan has been on the rise for some time now, and according to Turf, it's not just a summertime trend—it's here to stay. "For us, rattan and cane provide a beautiful natural element rooted in tradition. We like them with a modern slant," he says, referring to the two standout items from the collection, a natural basket chair with a modern, curved silhouette, and a basket pendant light.

Turf dubs this new take on rattan "Chelsea social," aka "British colonial meets modern decorator with an abundance of wicker/cane/rattan and green plants," he says. "It is about the traditional materials used in a modern way—cane on high-gloss white, marble on industrial, and tapered legs." As the thermostat dips, he recommends layering these pieces with sheepskin throws.

Natural Basket Chair
CB2 Natural Basket Chair $599
Nassa Basket Pendant Light
CB2 Nassa Basket Pendant Light $299
Taylor Bone Inlay Side Table
CB2 Taylor Bone Inlay Side Table $499

Trend 2 "Badass" Brass

Courtesy of CB2

Metallics have been big for years, but in 2017, Turf predicts a shift away from blush tones. "Rose gold is not as strong as last year, but brass is still strong," he says. This is certainly clear in CB2's latest drop of 800 fall products, many of which feature sleek brass details. "[It's] a trend we refer to as 'Badass.' It's all about leather, metal, and products with an edge," he says. Think tuxedo tones, luxe details, and items that are "slightly rebellious."

This trend doesn't just relate to statement items; it also covers unexpected pieces, like storage and organization essentials. "Storage pieces can be more than simply functional," he says. "We understand that hidden storage is not always an option, so a well-designed piece like this [valet clothes stand] can be functional and good-looking. It can work in an entryway for coats, shoes, bags, etc., or in a bedroom as a floating closet."

gallop bench
CB2 Gallop Bench $599
plate brass wall sconce
CB2 Plate Brass Wall Sconce $60
valet clothes stand
CB2 Valet Clothes Stand $299

Trend 3 Vintage Italian Modern

Courtesy of CB2

Turf says his team took cues from vintage Italian design for the latest collection, which features accent chairs in buttery caramel leather. "Vintage Italian modern [design] is inspiring to us. It's well-proportioned, thoughtful design with an occasional touch of quirkiness or a sense of experimentation," he explains. "I think it is timeless."

If you're considering buying leather furniture, make sure you opt for quality materials. In particular, pay specific attention to "the quality of the leather and the richness of color (you don't want it to look too 'plastic'). We like it to look and feel vintage," he says.

Woven Camel Suede Chair
CB2 Woven Camel Suede Chair $479
kit 24" round mirror
CB2 Kit 24" Round Mirror $149
CB2 Leather Pillow $129

Trend 4 West Coast Casual

Courtesy of CB2

Coastal décor isn't just for the warmer months. This year, we're seeing a continuation of relaxed décor in fall, making it the perfect trend to invest in now. Turf describes it as "a casual, relaxed vibe exemplified with a deep, comfortable sofa, and hints of natural materials like rattan, hemp, and leather." In one word, it's "uncomplicated."

Searching for a way to incorporate it into your existing space? Start with greenery, he says: "Hanging plants like Boston ferns and floor plants in statement vessels will instantly transform a space," bringing in year-round vacation vibes. We're on board.

basket large black planter
CB2 Basket Large Black Planter $70
wool wrap natural pouf
CB2 Wool Wrap Natural Pouf $129
Lunar Ivory Vase
CB2 Lunar Ivory Vase $10

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