CB2's Spring Line Is Here: 15 Standouts You Don't Want to Miss



"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." Miranda Priestly's sarcastic words often ring true when we preview spring collections, but CB2's new seasonal line takes a refreshingly unexpected route. No, you won't find any peony pink or daffodil-yellow hues in its latest drop. Instead, sleek charcoal and rattan dominate with lashings of brushed brass and other eclectic textures.

It's clear that CB2's creative team has designed the spring line to stand out. This isn't a collection of neutral midcentury furniture and accessories that blend seamlessly into any interior. It's a strong selection of hero items—pieces that instantly grab your attention when you enter a room and imbue the space with character. Think about it: If your room had a voice, what would you want it to say? Take a cue from CB2 and go bold.