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20 Interiors Rocking Stunning Ceiling Beams

kitchen with exposed ceiling beams

Katie Martinez Design

Some things will never budge from our dream home wish lists: an expansive kitchen, a bedroom fireplace, and a clawfoot bathtub are just a few of the must-have components of our ideal home. And the latest addition to our interior dreams is beautiful exposed ceiling beams in all their storied, rustic glory.

Exposed beams add textural detail and visual intrigue in addition to a framing quality that makes other elements pop. Even in a blank space with little to no architectural details and very low ceilings, adding ceiling beams can entirely transform a room. Best of all, they can be quite cost-effective to install relative to their huge impact on a room.

Convinced that you need ceiling beams in your home? Scroll below for 20 rooms with ceiling beams that have our hearts skipping a beat.

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Paint the Walls and Ceiling White

exposed ceiling beam in bedroom

Katie Martinez Design

An oversized wicker pendant hangs from the ceiling of this beachy-casual bedroom. The walls and ceiling are swathed in crisp white paint, allowing the eye to move freely throughout the room while imparting an airy, ethereal vibe to the space.

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Be a Little Knotty

ceiling beams

Ashe Leandro

The knotty, grained nature of these ceiling beams brings rusticity to this light-filled dining room, creating an appealing foil to the modern aesthetic of the room's furnishings. The focus is brought back down via a multicolored pendant light, blue dining table, and citrus-themed statement art.

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Keep It Simple

white ceiling beams

Cathie Hong Interiors

The pitched roof and white-painted ceiling beams are the focus in this otherwise simple, pattern-free room. When dealing with such a beautiful blank canvas, it's easy to add in just a few neutral but statement-making pieces to create a comfortable, laid-back living room.

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Paint It Black

painted ceiling beams in dining room

Katie Martinez Design

Black-painted wooden beams carry a regal, graphic punch, serving as additional texture and pattern in a space. With such striking impact, they look best in roomy spaces and play beautifully off of complementary accents, such as floor-to-ceiling windows, organic textures, and tiled floors.

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Complement a Gallery Wall

living room with ceiling beams

Forbes Masters

The linear nature of these beams makes a sculptural impact in this light-filled living space. Because the beams are painted white, they allow the focus to remain on the room's real shining star: its gallery-like collection of artwork.

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Opt for Open Shelving

white ceiling beams in kitchen

Photo: Amy Bartlam; Design: Allie Boesch Designs

This charming kitchen nails the modern-farmhouse look with an apron sink, soapstone countertops, and a beadboard-style counter. Open shelving maximizes the available wall space while complementing the linear nature of the kitchen's exposed ceiling beams.

When selecting items to stow on open-kitchen shelving, go with oft-used pieces, like mugs and dishes. Because these items are used frequently, they won't have a chance to accumulate grease and dust.

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Add a Pop of Color

black ceiling beams in a white bedroom

Photo: Amy Bartlam; Design: Allie Boesch Designs

Marrying rustic finishes with streamlined silhouettes, this bedroom is decidedly laid-back yet on trend. Earth tones dictate the room's color palette, with the exception of the fireplace, which features tiles in a stunning shade of jade.

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Define an Area

ceiling beams in a traditional living room

Blue Copper Design

Exposed ceiling beams partner with a large area rug to define this casual yet stylish living space. The honeyed hue of the beams complements the fireplace mantel, blonde-wood furniture, and landscape wall art beautifully.

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Create Tension Through Unexpected Material Pairings

ceiling beams in bathroom

Photo: Amy Bartlam; Design: Allie Boesch Designs

This all-white bathroom is outfitted with luxe materials like marble tile and chrome fixtures and is punctuated by a stunning chandelier. A well-worn vintage rug, rattan chair, and exposed ceiling beams make the space more approachable while adding character to the design.

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Make the Most Out of Tall Ceilings

rustic wooden ceiling beam in bedroom

Photo: Amy Bartlam; Design: Kate Lester Interiors

Amplifying the tall ceiling of this gender-neutral bedroom, a single crossbeam draws the eye upward. The rustic, unfinished look of the beam is juxtaposed by the oversized geometric pendant just below. Meanwhile, a crisp color palette of black, white, and blue anchors the room in serenity.

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Add Dimension Through Layering

brown ceiling beams

Photo: Amy Bartlam; Design: Shapeside

Painted ceiling beams join layered area rugs to bring dimension to this cozy living room. An exercise in restraint, the crisp, modern space emits Southwest vibes solely through a few patterned pillows and a cactus in the corner.

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Go Au Naturel

ceiling beams

Photo: Kelli Boyd Photography; Design: Camilia Home

Raw wooden ceilings add warm, rustic earthiness to any space. Playing up contrasts, the unfinished pitched ceiling in this gardener's shed-meets-mother-in-law suite beautifully juxtaposes the white crossbeams and walls.

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Play With Scale

ceiling beams in a modern kitchen

Charbonneau Interiors

Offering the luxury of square footage as well as high-end materials, this large, open-concept kitchen is defined by a massive center island with seating for four. The impressive dimensions of the island are parroted in the oversized wooden beams that criss-cross the ceiling. Recessed lighting and a trio of pendants illuminate the space.

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Punctuate Pitched Ceilings

living room with exposed beams

Charlie Coull Design

Soaring vaulted ceilings have even greater impact when accessorized with exposed beams. In this cavernous living room, the beams draw attention to the sky-high pitched ceiling. We love how the grain and finish of the beams is mirrored in the mantel and the trim of the windows.

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Make a Statement With Lighting

ceiling beams

Forbes Masters

Painted white to match the ceiling, exposed beams bring an almost imperceptible richness to this chic living space. The ceiling's singular use of color allows the gold-and-glass chandelier to take center stage.

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Show Off the Surroundings

ceiling beams

Nile Johnson Interior Design

We're loving the midcentury vibes of this inviting living space (check out that double-sided fireplace!). Here, exposed ceiling beams lead the eye from the stone fireplace surround to the natural setting just outside the oversized windows.

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Don't Skimp on Seating

exposed ceiling beams

KG Designs

Complemented by plenty of natural light, the pitched ceiling beams expand this space while adding definition to an open floor plan. Black-trimmed windows add character to the all-white space, while a sizable leather sectional and twin arm chairs serve as stations for lounging and watching TV.

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Curate Your Décor

exposed ceiling beam

Katie Martinez Design

Some serious self-editing will be necessary to achieve the curated look of this clean, cozy kitchen. Here, knick-knacks and color are kept to a minimum, allowing the beauty of the custom cabinetry and exposed ceilings to take precedence.

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Take a Cue From the Outdoors

exposed ceiling beams

Kendall Wilkinson Design

While ceiling beams can make a room feel cozy, they can also do the opposite. Here, timber beams traverse an open-concept kitchen and living room, emphasizing the scale of the space. The organic quality of the beams echoes the home's alpine setting.

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Stick With a Single Wood Tone

exposed ceiling beams in dining room

Leclair Decor

From the ceiling beams and door trim to the table and floors, light-hued wood brings cohesion to this slick and modern dining room. Brass accents bring warmth to the black-and-white color scheme.