11 Interiors Rocking Stunning Ceiling Beams

Some things will never budge from our dream home wish lists: an expansive kitchen, a bedroom fireplace, and a clawfoot bathtub are just a few of the must-have components of our ideal home. And the latest addition to our interior dreams is beautiful exposed ceiling beams in all their storied, rustic glory. Exposed beams add textural detail and visual intrigue in addition to a framing quality that makes other elements pop. Plus, they can make any space feel just a little like a fairytale.

Even in a blank space with little to no architectural details and very low ceilings, adding ceiling beams can entirely transform a room. Best of all, they can be quite cost-effective to install relative to their huge impact on a room. Convinced that you need ceiling beams in your home? Scroll below for a few examples that have our hearts skipping a beat.

Ceiling Beams
Armelle Habib for Inside Out Magazine; Styling: Julia Green

Soaring vaulted ceilings have even greater impact thanks to pitched ceiling beams. Whether in open common spaces, cozy bathrooms, or kitchens, the pitched beams create an impressive airiness and elegance.

Wood Ceiling Beams
Jason Schmidt/TrunkArchive

Natural wooden ceiling beams add warm, rustic earthiness to any space. They also impart a sense of history, as many old structures feature this architectural element. Playing up contrasts, the warm organic wood pictured here beautifully juxtaposes with the fresh green-and-blue mural.

Whitewashed Ceiling Beams
Romain Ricard

Complemented by plenty of natural light, the pitched ceiling beams expand this space while adding definition to an open floor plan. Plenty of textures add character to the all-white space while a few navy and yellow accents steal the show.

Pitched Ceiling Beams
Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson

The exposed ceiling plays a big part in the palette and overall aesthetic of this traditional living room. Its honeyed hue complements the paneled walls, statement lighting fixture, and cobalt leather chairs beautifully.

White Ceiling Beams
Romain Ricard

Can you say "dream bedroom"? This all-white haven is complemented by painted ceiling beams and a few black accents to create a refreshingly laid-back yet striking look. If this was our bedroom, we'd never want to leave.

Classic Ceiling Beams
Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson

This kitchen is stylishly embellished from top to bottom with ceramic patterned tiles on the floor and narrow wooden beams on the ceiling, making the space appear longer than it is.

Rustic Ceiling Beams
Dean Kaufman/Trunk Archive

This is what we mean when we say "just a little like a fairytale." White beams against matching white ceilings make this space the epitome of serene and peaceful.

Black Ceiling Beams
Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson

Black-painted wooden beams carry a regal, graphic punch, serving as additional texture and pattern in a space. With such striking impact, they look best in roomy spaces and play beautifully off of complementary accents, such as floor-to-ceiling bookcases, organic textures, and cement floors.

Beachy Ceiling Beams
Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson

The pitched roof and white-painted ceiling beams are the focus in this otherwise simple, pattern-free room. When dealing with such a beautiful blank canvas, it's easy to add in just a few neutral but statement-making pieces to create the perfect laid-back living room.

Simple Ceiling Beams
Jason Schmidt/TrunkArchive

The unique, linear nature of these beams makes a sculptural impact in this bright bedroom. The focus is brought back down by a multicolored chair, lime green accent table, and yellow comforter and rug, proving once again that an all-white room with ceiling beams is the ideal blank canvas.

Trendy Ceiling Beams
Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson

A simple pendant hangs from the ceiling of this beachy bedroom with whitewashed ceiling beams. Meanwhile, a blush pink circle on the back wall creates a focal point to anchor the eye. Add a few gray accents via the rug and bench and you have yourself a bedroom that's stunning in its simplicity.

Next up: Forget accent walls—statement ceilings are the new hot trend.

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