7 Sensational Ways to Update Your Ceiling

Feeling down on your home? Look UP and get creative. The ceiling is the most oft-overlooked area of your home, but with some bold reimagining, it can become the biggest talking point. Just try one of these tricks below. 

Mirror In the past, the idea of a mirrored ceiling seemed, well, unseemly. But tastefully installed, a few mirrored panels in a recessed ceiling can actually look quite elegant, and the mirrors will reflect natural light beautifully. If you want to get playful, take inspiration from wine shop Bella Italia in Stuttgart, Germany, which installed a mix of wall and hand mirrors. We'd love to try this eccentric look in a small powder room or narrow hallway. Oval Cutout Mirror, $15, Urban Outfitters


can Like mirrors, high-gloss paint also reflects natural light quite nicely. A soft gray hue can add subtle intrigue and brightness to a simple white room. If you really want to grab attention, lacquer your ceiling in a bold color like royal blue or Hermès orange. If you're DIY-ing it, we recommend sanding the surface first and spraying on the paint, using one part water-based varnish and one part high-gloss paint; otherwise, embrace the blemishes and roll away. Furniture Lacquer Paint, From $18, Amy Howard at Home


Tin Tin ceiling tiles are common in Victorian houses, but you don't have to live in a 19th century home to have them. You can purchase 24" tiles for as little as $7 -- certainly an affordable update. Tin tiles are available in a wide range of finishes, from brushed bronze to rustic copper to creamy white satin. We like the geometric art deco tiles Autoban used in its Tünel House design in Istanbul; it's a welcome departure from the more typical filigree designs. Ceilume Jackson Faux Tin Ceiling Panel, $5 Per Square Foot, The Home Depot


wallpaper Wallpapering your ceiling can make a fierce statement or simply add little more dimension. Interior designer Emily Mughannam's use of Black Crow Studio's overscaled, watercolor-esque wallpaper in her nursery room design is nothing short of fabulous. Meanwhile, the polka dot print wallpaper in interior designer Tommy Chambers' kitchen has as a quiet sophistication that makes a case for reining it in. Custom Watercolor Wallpaper, Price Upon Request, Black Crow Studios


Stikwood If you're going for a rustic/industrial aesthetic, reclaimed wood couldn't be a more perfect choice. Not only will the material give your ceiling an earthy, organic feeling, but the planks also have a linear quality that creates a nice sense of movement. Reclaimed Weathered Wood Peel and Stick, $12, Per Square Foot, Stikwood


Ceiling Medallion An easy but impactful update for those of you who have chandeliers or pendants in your home is a ceiling medallion. Medallions come in all shapes, styles, and designs, suiting ornate Victorian salons and simple Colonial dining rooms alike. To ensure that your medallion doesn't overpower or underwhelm the room or your light fixture, follow This Old House's handy sizing guidelines. Westinghouse Aureole White Ceiling Medallion, $38, The Home Depot


paint_thumbs_templates Simple as it may be, a coat of paint can be a truly transformative addition to your ceiling. Consider painting the ceiling the same hue as your walls and trim to create an enveloping feeling or choose a color that complements the walls for visual harmony. If your walls are wallpapered, pull a shade from the paper and use it on your ceiling. "Hay" #37, From $95, Farrow & Ball

Have you tried any of the ceiling updates in your home?

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